Friday, October 30, 2009

New to Blogland

Well first let me start by saying that I am a complete Rookie; I mean absolutely no clue what I am doing except that I want to inspire and create and if nothing else love the journey that I am on.

Within in 1 year we bought 10 acres of land (completely bare, naked, not developed one single bit), put a house on the land and all that goes with it (septic, driveway, fencing, plumbing etc etc etc) and got married.

It's been a whirlwind but a fun one if that can be used to describe such a word. After the wedding however, I began to question "what now, what next?" and it occurred to me that our house is still far from being complete and we are constantly doing some sort of improvment, tweak to the decor, making a gift for a birthday or trying a new recipe and why not document that and share it.

I love to entertain a group of people, I love to cook and bake, I love to make things "pretty" and I love to make people smile. There is nothing better than to put your heart and soul into something and see the joy that it brings to someone else. Please bear in mind, again, that I am a R-O-O-K-I-E and I promise as this journey continues my posts will get better and maybe, just maybe you will enjoy the journey with me.

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