Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Recap

So what a weekend!! Wow, we did the trick-or-treating with the husband's family. The nieces and nephew were all decked out in their garb and it was wonderful. In Spokane, we couldn't have hoped for a better night. It was not cold, not too windy and the Corbin Park area was booming. My husband and I took our dog with us and we enjoyed walking around looking at the many Halloween decorations and the costumes. It was a perfect night; listening to the kids laugh, the leaves rustle beneath our feet and we topped the night off with pie and a glass of red wine.

Today we started a few projects that I will defintely show case later. Currently we are having trouble locating the cord that hooks up to the camera and computer so that I can download the photos but I promise I will post them soon. So to start off the morning, I spray painted an iron decorative piece glossy black and it looks great. I plan to hang it in our master bath above the big corner tub. And I purchased a decorative hanger (sorry the real name slipped my mind) and plan to put that on the inside of our closet door in the bathroom. It will be the perfect place to hang my robes on so that they are easily accessible. Also we decided to paint the main living area. When I say we, I really mean my husband because I don't like to paint. Don't get me wrong...picking out the paint colors, deciding what room it will go into and the finish product are A-mazing. I just do not like the actual act of painting. I know, I looks great when it's done and women tend to have a better eye and steady hand (no offense guys) but I really do not like it AT ALL! I will post pictures and more details later but for now I am going to get ready for a romantic dinner with my husband.

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