Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally the pantry reveal

A few weekends back I spent a couple hours removing every item from the pantry, sorting the junk and then putting what was necessary back into it. It's not totally complete (I want a couple tall containers for the cereal and pasta and a spice rack that the hubby will hopefully build me) but close enough that I feel comfortable exposing it to you all.

First and foremost, I take advantage of the space being empty by giving it a good cleaning. I wiped the shelves first and then I swept and mopped the floor. Now that it is all sparkly and new, the easy part is next. Toss everything that is expired, crusty (some of our spices were so old that I didn't even recognize the lables any more) and whatever will not be eaten (Hamburger Helper-hurts the tummy) is put into a box for donation. Then instead of the "big" items ie-bread maker and George Foreman taking up shelf space I put them on the ground under the lowest shelf. Then I arranged the shelves into categories that I thought would be easiest for me to control.
  • Canned Foods 
  • Baking Items
  • Spices/cooking oils
  • Drinks 
  • Non-Perishable Items/boxed items
I put all of the cocoa packets, apple cider packets and crystal light packets into a storage bin and labled it accordingly. This was to cut down on the amount of boxes and space this took up. In addition to that bin, I created another bin that holds numerous items like sprinkles, gravy packets, toothpicks etc and labled it accordingly.

Now that everything has a home (shelf) the really fun part can start. I was agonizing over how I would hang my new chalkboard labels from the shelves. I could tie them and then tape them to the underside of the shelf. But then I thought, what if the tape doesn't hold up; I don't want to constantly fiddle with this. I could totally remove the shelves and put in wired shelves so that I can tie them onto it with ribbon but that would be a HUGE expense. So I went with my trusty friend, the glue gun, for support. It will hold the items and when we no longer wish for the shelves to be labled (Yeah riiighhht, like that will ever happen) then I can easily scrape the hot glue off the shelves.

While I had my hot glue gun out I decided to hot glue the picture holder to the back of the chalkboard instead of drilling a hole into the board. It's not that I am lazy, well not entirely, but the board in my opinion is too thin and I wasn't about to wreck what I just did. -

Here is the before:


What do you think? I used what I had so I didn't have to spend a ton of money organizing this space but I had grand ideas, really grand but sometimes the pocketbook doesn't always agree with the brain.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Delayed Honeymoon

Well I was originally going to post about the pantry reveal and show you photos but this week has been for lack of better words chaotic. We had so much going on that I really have neglected my house, the laundry and even, dare I say, my husband.

We will be leaving for Cancun, Mexico tomorrow morning for 8 glorious nights!! We couldn't be more excited and are almost ready. Unfortunately I need to spend my spare time tonight cleaning my house. I know-boring!! But I would hate myself if I came home from a fabulous vacation to a dirty house so it must be done.

So I am going to leave you with a little eye candy of what I am expecting when we arrive tomorrow in Cancun. Jealous!?!?!

**Note these are not actual photos of Cancun but rather the Virgin Islands from a previous trip but you get the idea...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Help Haiti

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the earthquake that has devastated Haiti. Let's do our part to help!

Everyone I know has a cell phone and I couldn't think of an easier way to assist the American Red Cross then by texting. Centsational Girl has a wonderful post about this easy way to send relief. Go here and check it out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chalk it up

I am head over heels, googly eyed in love with chalkboard paint; I found some at Home Depot for $11.44. You can also find it in a spray can at Michael's or probably any other craft store. I went to Home Depot because I wanted the roll on kind and I had to go there for some paint swatches for another project.

I decided to take a big risk and try to paint the lap table with chalkboard paint to create a custom grocery list area in our pantry. It will be behind closed doors and so it won't be an eye sore on our fridge or a miscellanous piece of paper on the counter that ultimately ends up in the trash before I can shop.

First I took off the legs. This was a tiny bit difficult but some brut force typiclly works and it didn't fail here.

I am not a fan of the lighter colored wood (reminds me of the faux oak cabinets in so many of my previous apartments-YUCK!) so the outside trim needed something. I thought about spray painting it Heirloom White but in 18 degree weather this is a big no-no. So I quickly changed directions and decided to stain it with some left over stain we had at home. Then the husband tells me that I will first need to sand the area-forget that! I'm far too impatient to do that so I proceeded with out stain. After I took the legs off I put painters tape around the edge and then started applying the chalkboard paint. It took only 2 coats! Woohoo!

I also saw an idea here at Sarah's blog that I could use in my pantry as well. She used rulers but I didn't have any. What I did have though was quite a few paint sticks from Home Depot (free!!! love it).

I don't care to write with chalk but I will if I am forced to. Luckily we live in a wonderful world where people don't make me do what I don't want to do (most of the time). They have chalkboard markers!!! Get the heck out of town!! They are quite expensive (somewhere around $12.00 for 4 of them) but I had a few extra bucks laying around and with my 40% off coupon to Michaels I was thinking I was in really good shape. With some chalkboard paint, some items found at home and some amazing chalk markers I created some peace; peace of mind that my pantry is in order and peace for my husband so he doesn't have to listen to any more fits of rage.



Oops, its supposed to be canned foods not can foods-I will be changing that or it will drive me crazy.

It's not perfect and I think I will eventually paint the wood trim white to make it pop but I love it. The pantry is pretty much complete so later this week I will show you where I put these items and reveal my "new" pantry.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bin There, Done That

I have been slowly clearing the crap from my house, my life and even my car (thanks to my wonderful brother Cole!). The storage solution that 'J' built above our freezer in our laundry room is WONDERFUL!! Almost all of our Christmas decorations fit in this space. I am digging it for sure. Here is a picture...

Don't you just adore bins (squeal); I do and the apple green color is super fun! In addition to the extra storage shelves I also cleaned and organized our bathroom closet. My husband doesn't know how to fold a towel my way, otherwise known as the right way. I get a little OCD particular when it comes to certain things (I know, big shocker). For instance, folding the towels, putting the dishes where they go (although I have given up on this since he is kind enough to do the dishes pretty much everyday), tags sticking out of shirts and crooked pictures. I am sure there are others too that I have forgot and 'J' will tease kindly remind me. I put all of our medicine in a basket (I adore baskets too!!), all of our smelly stuff (wallflowers and anti-bac soap) into another basket and overall just cleared out a bunch of out dated items like makeup from eons ago that lord knows why I was even holding onto it in the first place.

I cannot believe the amount of space I have remaining after clearing out the unnecessary items. You know what that means...I can buy more things for this closet and make it look full and complete.

I then wanted to tackle our pantry...Oh boy this is going to be a huge feat! The other day I was beyond irritated that I couldn't find the cinnamon (thinking that someone took it from me and hid it on purpose-the nerve!) that I actually started to get red faced and throw a tantrum. It wasn't pretty, both 'J' and his friend can attest to that. I threw several items out of the pantry in a fit of rage, not caring where they landed or who/what they hit in the process; all awhile fuming and possibly cursing (maybe). That is until 'J' came over and put his hand on my back and told me to breathe. It's as if he opened the skies just for me...would you believe that no one took the cinnamon, on purpose or unintenitonally, nope it was siting I digress, sorry, back to the story. I need to overhaul this space BAD. I believe that we have WAY TOO MUCH stuff in this closet and it's just not functional. I'm going to pretend that my pantry looks like this and maybe I will wake tomorrow morning to find that it magically does.

                       Better Homes and Gardens

I have BIG plans for this space and as soon as I have a handle on executing my vision I will show before and after photos, I promise. Here is a little tease until then. My plans involve more bins/baskets (of course) and these two items.

Yes, an old breakfast in bed lap table and a paint stir stick from Home Depot. Are you intrigued yet?!?!

It's a new year, a new decade and hopefully a new me! I am an organizing fool for now, maybe a little obsessive, and I plan to take my house back one area at a time. Now if I can find a way to not only get organized but STAY organized.