Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Craft

Well hello there. It's been awhile, I know and I am sorry. This year the season crept up quickly and before I knew it I was completely out of time. On top of that I had to go in for surgery on Monday morning. I am out of surgery and doing very well and I managed to spend an entire two days on the couch, sitting on my duff and doing nothing. It about killed me. ;)

So this afternoon I got up, slowly of course so not to hurt the knee, and finished up one of my Christmas crafts. Last week I spray painted this hope sign...

I picked a caramel latte color. It's a very muted and gorgeous gold. Perfect for *Sparkle and Shimmer* theme this year.

I gave it about 3 coats of paint and then let it dry for an entire day.
Then this afternoon, when I just couldn't stand sitting around for another minute, I decided to add a little sparkle to my sign.

I grabbed my Modge Podge and some white glitter. I added a bit of Modge Podge to the sign in a couple areas and then saturated it with glitter.

I love how the glitter catches the light and makes it shine. May your Holiday season be filled with Hope and Joy!

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