Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zucchini Bread

The in-laws handed me a zucchini Sunday during one of the random pop-ins The Hubs likes to make. It always seems that when we are out on a drive or heading to a particular place of town that he likes to see what the rents' are doing. I don't mind because the in-laws always have some sort of musing that is going on and it is usually funny.
Anyway back to the zucchini...I am dying to make zucchini bread and now that I am not in school at the moment (woo-to-the-freakin-hoo!!) I can. I couldn't locate my recipe in the abyss I call an "office" so I pulled out Paula Deen's recipe here; I made a couple modifications that suits my wants/needs.

I followed the directions until it came time to fold in the nuts. I wanted to add chocolate chips instead. I added one bag of milk chocolate chips to the batter. Then pour it into your loaf pans.

When there was about 20 minutes left of baking I pulled the loafs out and basted it with a little bit of melted butter; about 2-3 Tbsp. Then dusted the top with sugar. Mine doesn't look as pretty as Miss Paula's and the middle caved slightly (probably from the butter) but it truly is delish!

Since it makes two loafs I am keeping one for us at home and giving the other one to the in-laws. Afterall it was originally their zucchini.

I put the bread on a green plastic plate and then stuffed it inside a cellophane bag. Tied the top with left over pieces of rope from the tray. As an added touch I stuffed a faux flower into the tie and included the recipe.

Bon appetite! You won't want to put your fork down!

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