Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Shop Door

Last Friday afternoon our shop door was installed. The shop is looking mighty fine, I must say. I like that the door is off center a bit. Not only does it give us space on the exterior to add a fun element, if we want, but on the inside of the shop it gives a nook for possibly a spray painting booth for me. : )

The white doors POP against the walls and trim. Absolutely lovely, if garage doors can be labeled as such.

Let's get a closer look...I love, love, love that the big garage door has a bit of detail. It looks like wonderful molding. I think it gives it a little extra somethin'-somethin'. It is still a "plain" door, you know any run of the mill garage door but it has a bit of character. LOVE!

Here is a picture of it with the exterior light on. 

I am in love with this vintage looking (but still new) lantern type light and I think we will put another one on the other side of the door as well.


Here is another picture of the lantern from the side and showing off a bit of the garage door detail as well. I couldn't be happier with the end product. It's amazing!

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  1. I say a huge star lol .At least thats what they do in Texas!


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