Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chalk it up

I am head over heels, googly eyed in love with chalkboard paint; I found some at Home Depot for $11.44. You can also find it in a spray can at Michael's or probably any other craft store. I went to Home Depot because I wanted the roll on kind and I had to go there for some paint swatches for another project.

I decided to take a big risk and try to paint the lap table with chalkboard paint to create a custom grocery list area in our pantry. It will be behind closed doors and so it won't be an eye sore on our fridge or a miscellanous piece of paper on the counter that ultimately ends up in the trash before I can shop.

First I took off the legs. This was a tiny bit difficult but some brut force typiclly works and it didn't fail here.

I am not a fan of the lighter colored wood (reminds me of the faux oak cabinets in so many of my previous apartments-YUCK!) so the outside trim needed something. I thought about spray painting it Heirloom White but in 18 degree weather this is a big no-no. So I quickly changed directions and decided to stain it with some left over stain we had at home. Then the husband tells me that I will first need to sand the area-forget that! I'm far too impatient to do that so I proceeded with out stain. After I took the legs off I put painters tape around the edge and then started applying the chalkboard paint. It took only 2 coats! Woohoo!

I also saw an idea here at Sarah's blog that I could use in my pantry as well. She used rulers but I didn't have any. What I did have though was quite a few paint sticks from Home Depot (free!!! love it).

I don't care to write with chalk but I will if I am forced to. Luckily we live in a wonderful world where people don't make me do what I don't want to do (most of the time). They have chalkboard markers!!! Get the heck out of town!! They are quite expensive (somewhere around $12.00 for 4 of them) but I had a few extra bucks laying around and with my 40% off coupon to Michaels I was thinking I was in really good shape. With some chalkboard paint, some items found at home and some amazing chalk markers I created some peace; peace of mind that my pantry is in order and peace for my husband so he doesn't have to listen to any more fits of rage.



Oops, its supposed to be canned foods not can foods-I will be changing that or it will drive me crazy.

It's not perfect and I think I will eventually paint the wood trim white to make it pop but I love it. The pantry is pretty much complete so later this week I will show you where I put these items and reveal my "new" pantry.

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