Friday, January 15, 2010

Delayed Honeymoon

Well I was originally going to post about the pantry reveal and show you photos but this week has been for lack of better words chaotic. We had so much going on that I really have neglected my house, the laundry and even, dare I say, my husband.

We will be leaving for Cancun, Mexico tomorrow morning for 8 glorious nights!! We couldn't be more excited and are almost ready. Unfortunately I need to spend my spare time tonight cleaning my house. I know-boring!! But I would hate myself if I came home from a fabulous vacation to a dirty house so it must be done.

So I am going to leave you with a little eye candy of what I am expecting when we arrive tomorrow in Cancun. Jealous!?!?!

**Note these are not actual photos of Cancun but rather the Virgin Islands from a previous trip but you get the idea...

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