Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bin There, Done That

I have been slowly clearing the crap from my house, my life and even my car (thanks to my wonderful brother Cole!). The storage solution that 'J' built above our freezer in our laundry room is WONDERFUL!! Almost all of our Christmas decorations fit in this space. I am digging it for sure. Here is a picture...

Don't you just adore bins (squeal); I do and the apple green color is super fun! In addition to the extra storage shelves I also cleaned and organized our bathroom closet. My husband doesn't know how to fold a towel my way, otherwise known as the right way. I get a little OCD particular when it comes to certain things (I know, big shocker). For instance, folding the towels, putting the dishes where they go (although I have given up on this since he is kind enough to do the dishes pretty much everyday), tags sticking out of shirts and crooked pictures. I am sure there are others too that I have forgot and 'J' will tease kindly remind me. I put all of our medicine in a basket (I adore baskets too!!), all of our smelly stuff (wallflowers and anti-bac soap) into another basket and overall just cleared out a bunch of out dated items like makeup from eons ago that lord knows why I was even holding onto it in the first place.

I cannot believe the amount of space I have remaining after clearing out the unnecessary items. You know what that means...I can buy more things for this closet and make it look full and complete.

I then wanted to tackle our pantry...Oh boy this is going to be a huge feat! The other day I was beyond irritated that I couldn't find the cinnamon (thinking that someone took it from me and hid it on purpose-the nerve!) that I actually started to get red faced and throw a tantrum. It wasn't pretty, both 'J' and his friend can attest to that. I threw several items out of the pantry in a fit of rage, not caring where they landed or who/what they hit in the process; all awhile fuming and possibly cursing (maybe). That is until 'J' came over and put his hand on my back and told me to breathe. It's as if he opened the skies just for me...would you believe that no one took the cinnamon, on purpose or unintenitonally, nope it was siting I digress, sorry, back to the story. I need to overhaul this space BAD. I believe that we have WAY TOO MUCH stuff in this closet and it's just not functional. I'm going to pretend that my pantry looks like this and maybe I will wake tomorrow morning to find that it magically does.

                       Better Homes and Gardens

I have BIG plans for this space and as soon as I have a handle on executing my vision I will show before and after photos, I promise. Here is a little tease until then. My plans involve more bins/baskets (of course) and these two items.

Yes, an old breakfast in bed lap table and a paint stir stick from Home Depot. Are you intrigued yet?!?!

It's a new year, a new decade and hopefully a new me! I am an organizing fool for now, maybe a little obsessive, and I plan to take my house back one area at a time. Now if I can find a way to not only get organized but STAY organized.

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