Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Psychotic Rambling

I'm so very sorry to leave you all hanging for over a week now. I know you are devastated and're not!?!? Ok...moving right along. {choked up and crying in the corner}

Well as you all know life gets mucky and completely derails all plans of anything remotely bloggy. This last week or so has done just that; got all muckity muck. I did however start the chair and I hope to show that soon, I did do another decoupage project with letters (that aren't hung on the wall yet) and I have every intention of making homemade peach cobbler tonight and will post that soon as well.

But I must admit, I cannot tell a lie to my peeps, that for the last 3 days I have been stalking this radio show and another blog. Shhh...please don't tell the cops. But seriously my SIL has won a chance to travel across the country to Buffalo, NY in attempts to win cash, prizes and possibly a ticket the Zags game on Friday. There is no guarantee of food, shelter or even a Zag ticket; she is completely nuts but so far it sounds like everyone is in great spirits (no cat fights or hair pulling yet) and they are having a BLAST! I'm a tiny bit jealous and therefore am a psycho enthusiast getting on the blog every 20 seconds to see if something new has posted, listening to the radio at a very high decibal (as if the louder it is the better it will be) and taking my cell phone with me EVERYWHERE, just in case I need to email, call or text in a vote to help her win a prize. I promise that by this weekend I will have put the crazy back into the closet and completed (and yes even posted) a project or two. Please hold in there for just a few more days...please...I beg you!

Oh and P.S. I got the new BHG mag today in the mail...OMG, I love mail but most especially magazines. There is a fun little decor piece that I think I just have to make this weekend as well, provided I accomplish the chair.

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