Sunday, March 7, 2010

A few tweaks

For those of you lucky people tortured souls that have been to my house you may remember this chair; it resides in our master bedroom, it's FUGLY and I want to re-do it so bad.

See the the funky-junky "wicker" like sides?!

Oh yah...and the plaid fabric that goes with nothing since 1982. It's crying out for much needed hear it too? I thought so...

Mentally I had prepared myself for what I wanted to do with this chair. It took a couple trips to Joann's to figure out what fabric I would use. So many decisions and again scared to make a wrong one but I took the plunge. Then I went to Home Depot to grab a can of Rustoleum's 'Heirloom White'; it's all the rage around blogland and I have it in spray paint (LOVE). I skipped home, or so it seemed because I was on cloud 9, and told The Hubs my plan.  He hated it! The nerve, hating something that I love-UGH! He "passionately dislikes" all painted furniture-nerd (mumbles under breath)! Doesn't he know that this piece could be A-mazing with the paint. So we discussed like mature adults, minimal whining on my end, and decided that I would reupholster the chair, sand and stain it. I'm secretly hoping that if I mope around, gripe/whine and overall become gloomy that he may cave and see it my way (after all it is the RIGHT way). S.O.S!!!

On another non-related subject, I went out thrifting this weekend. I didn't find anything at the Goodwill's/Salvation Army's but I did check out Real Deals (LOVE!). They moved to a new location just off of Trent and Pines. I found a couple items there. One was a metal scroll piece ($10.00) that I thought would look fantastic above our pantry door.
Turns out that the scrolls are just a tad too big for this wall. Bummer! The Hubs suggested another wall for it and it looks fine (not great). 


I think the reason for this space not looking fantastic is it needs more decor pieces and some color. This particular wall was left white because of how it opens up into the living room.

I also took a trip to Pier 1, having not found anything at the thrift shops I was feeling a little down. No finds at thrift shops=Pier 1; I know my logic doesn't make sense but it works for me. I ran across these wine racks that were just P-E-R-F-E-C-T for our hutch. Originally 'J' was going to make wine racks, you know the ones that look like massive X's but because of the corners and angles on my corner hutch this was impossible. These work out so well though that I don't even miss that idea...

They were only $12.00 each-Score! I know that this post was random ramblings and just kind of thrown together but I wanted to share with you my wonderful finds. Have a great Sunday; I'm off to check with The Hubs on our activities today. Maybe he will let me paint the chair and keep it in the master bedroom when I'm finished. Here's to wishful thinking!

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