Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's cookin' good lookin'

It's still March and of course still craft month so I thought I should squeeze this next project in really quick.

I started this awhile ago when I was bored one Sunday afternoon and I just never actually attached the letters to the wall. Like my last project here I did the same technique. Although I didn't have Skittles this go around which was a big bummer I thought this project was a pretty good pick me up for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I decided  to mount the letters under the cabinets that are to the right of the stove and near my the coffee maker. I think it adds a perfect touch of special over there in that corner. There was plenty other wall space I could have put them but because the letters aren't very large I didn't want them to look out of place on a big wall. We will save the big wall space for other items, ones that are more to scale with the wall's dimensions.

I also decided to try a spin off from this recipe. I've tried her recipe for pecans and let me just tell you they are AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE! I'm not kidding, we devoured the whole pan in a few hours last December.

I decided to try it with other nuts, how can they not be delish! My victim, the cashew.

I followed the same recipe and steps and when they were done I put them in a bowl.

I tried a few that night (who wouldn't) and they are good but not great. I think there is something with the pecan, maybe it already contains a "sweet" taste and blends perfectly with the sugar and vanilla or maybe it's the soft pourous skin and creamy texture of the nut that allows all the flavors to mingle and get to know each other and that is what makes this the perfect treat. Don't get me wrong the cashews are just fine and I am sure The Hubs is liking them but for me it just doesn't come close to beating out the pecan. I urge you to buy a pound of pecans and try this recipe, you will not regret it; well maybe after you consume the entire pound and spend the next day in self loathing but it's totally worth it!

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