Sunday, September 4, 2011

German Chocolate (Surprise!) Cupcakes

I am CRAZY about baking. There is something so relaxing when you are whisking, whipping and stirring! The FIL (father in-law) is celebrating a birthday today and if memory serves me correct he loves German Chocolate cake. I am making cupcakes, Martha Stewart style so you know they will be good. Besides cupcakes travel easier. The "suprise" that I mention in the post title is my lil' somethin-somethin and I will show you shortly.

You can find the recipe here for the cake.

This picture of Martha's cupcake is beautiful but you see this wouldn't travel the 35-40 minutes into town so this is why I put my twist on this classic.

See that hole in the guessed it, I'm filling it with something. When I think of German Chocolate I think of the frosting, the coconut and pecan frosting. By the way, the link above also contains a link for the homemade coconut pecan prosting. This, to me, is what a German Chocolate cake is all about! Well suprise!!, this is what I am filling that hole with.

However, I didn't make my own (hangs head in shame) but I was already making caramel buttercream from scratch (oh yah, epic fail that I will discuss in a bit), so I don't think anyone will mind that this cupcake is semi-homemade.   

Something went terribly wrong with this and my saucepan may be ruined forever. I am chalking it up to the fact that caramel and I do not get along. If you want to know what I am talking about you can look here and here.

When I realized that the caramel buttercream was a bust I had already creamed 3 stickes of unsalted butter and to start over would mean I would need to go to the store for more butter. I flipped through my book and found a recipe for 'Fluffy Vanilla Frosting' and it called for 3 sticks of butter. What the heck, why not. Now I would have died to have made the caramel buttercream but I was running out of time so this was going to have to do in a pinch.

It definitely lives up to its name, it is for sure fluffy! I used my Wilson set and piped on some frosting to cover the holes in the cupcakes. Not bad for an amatuer. With a little more practice I bet I could master this! good, almost too much sugar with the frosting but hey if you can't go into a sugar coma with your family then who can you with. : )

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