Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I fell down the rabbits hole and ended up in a wonderland, Pinterest. Have you heard of this amazing craze that is sweeping blogland. Well if not then you are in a for a real treat (like I was). It is this A-mazing online tool that can be used to store all of your online inspiration.

Lord knows (and so does The Hubs) that I have a heck of a time throwing away any magazine that comes my way and I have numerous papers that have links and ideas jotted down. Well, HA!, this is a way for me to keep everything in one place. I am irresponsibly mad for my Pinterest! I have neglected the laundry, the bathrooms need scrubbed, and I'm pretty sure The Hubs would like some attention but I just cannot get enough. I crave it, I dream about it, I love it (I really do!).

Let's say you are perusing the web and run across a cool mantle idea for Fall. Pin it!

Or maybe Martha tells you a neat household tip. Pin It!

Or you find an undeniably delicious looking recipe. Pin it and save it for later.

You can even pin hairstyles or clothing or accessories. All the images you pin are saved onto boards but the magical part is they are all in one place and they aren't taking up any space in a closet, a drawer or a corner of your house. It's pure beauty I tell ya'.

I know it sounds intimidating with "boards" and "pins" but it's a really simple tool and it is incredibly easy to use; I am not tech savvy AT ALL and I am rockin' and rollin'. And the best part is it is TOTALLY free to join. What are you waiting for; check out the first link above and request yourself an invite. You will not be sorry, well you may feel a bit guilty that all the rest of life goes to the wasteside as you navigate and enjoy this new exciting world. I hope to be back later this week with a new craft as well as a new cupcake recipe to try my mad piping skills on. : ) Have a terrific evening!

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