Thursday, December 31, 2009

And so begins the purge...

It's time to get happy! And nothing makes me more happy then having a clutter free home. The new year is upon us and while I normally do not make New Year's resolutions I am this year.

2010 is going to be my year of organization and simplfying my life. I am quite an organized person normally but life does get in the way for me as I am sure it does for you and I find myself knee hip deep in junk. My office aka "the abyss", needs a major overhaul. Some of you have had the opportunity to burn your eyes out with hot coals view this space but I just can't bring myself to post a picture until it is completely clutter free and looking more like an office should.

Once this room is clean and organized I will be able to breath, the world will be still and everything will be as it should be. I will be able to get The Hubs to build me my desk and maybe some shelves. Oh the infinite amount of ways I can decorate this corner of our house that is all my own. The office isn't the only space we will be organizing, oh no trust that I am doing an entire overhaul of the whole house. I started on our master closet and I have (2) 18 gallon bins full of clothes to give away to Goodwill. Sorry for the fuzzy pic's, this was taken from my camera phone.

Wow, they really are right when they say that different camera's take different pictures and colors can get distorted. Our bedroom walls look lavender and they are SOOO not that color at all (I am not that cruel to The Hubs).

We also decided that the space in our laundry room above our upright freezer is wasted space. We need to maximize ALL the space we can since we do not have a garage or shop yet. 'J' built shelves and so instead of packing up the Christmas decor into floppy and broken cardboard boxes once again we will be utilizing clear storage bins. Fred Meyer had 66 quart containers with locking lids on sale for $5.99. I picked up 4 (for now). We just have too much stuff and that is really all it is-STUFF! We combined two fully stocked households and then got married and received more items so it is about time to throw out our "old" stuff and make room for the new.

So whether you are like me and don't make New Year's resolutions or you are like many who vow to do something, make something better year after year please just remember do whatever makes you happy. 2010 is going to be a terrific year and for me it's going to be full of happiness (cleanliness and organization). Happy New Year! I will see you all in the next decade!

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