Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lamp Revamp

The Hubs has had this floor lamp for EONS and I have always hated the brass color but used it because it was functional.

See?!?! Hideous, no. It stuck out like a sore thumb in our updated house. I decided it was time for a much needed makeover. I went to Home Depot last weekend and bought some spray paint. I like the "metallic" look just not the brass so I picked up this stuff.

Isn't it awesome and it was only $6.44! I love the name also, hammered, makes it sound so rough and tough and made me feel tough as well. I know it sounds silly but it did.

I first covered the inside (where the light bulb goes) and the knob to turn it on with painters tape.


Then I took this baby outside (it was nice the last couple of weekends-Come on Spring!!) and started spray painting it. I did a total of 2 coats to ensure it was completely covered. People say to sand your area a bit to make sure that the paint sticks to it. This is a good idea generally but I knew that this lamp wouldn't be moved or touched a whole lot so I am hoping the paint will last without sanding. And let's just be honest here...I am completely lazy and impatient for sanding. :)

The next step was to find a new lamp shade. Here is the old one...

EWWW...totally and completely outdated. The accordian style lamp shade, in my opinion, is O-U-T-out! I hit a bit of a snafu when shopping for the lampshade though; I soon found out that not all lampshades are made equal. As you can see from the above picture the hardware in the lampshade is relatively small and is close to the top of the shade. Well I found a magnificent lampshade at WalMart of all places for only $11.00. Score, well that is until I came home and found it will not fit the lamp.  

I ventured out today in search of different hardware for the lamp that will coorespond with my new lampshade. No such luck so I was forced to buy a new lampshade altogether.

I love it and truly think it is far better than the other two (the original and 1st replacement). Don't you just love the scroll detail-to die for! I am too the moon and back in love with the new lamp.




YUMMY!!! It's gorgeous! Now I need to get back to my housewife duties. Looks like we have quite a bit of clutter in our kitchen/bar/dining areas.

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