Sunday, May 23, 2010

Copy cat: Snazzy Stemware

When Centsational Girl posted about a trip where she discovered these hurricanes and wine glasses decorated with beads I knew that she would find a way to duplicate. If you haven't visited her blog then I urge you to drop everything you're doing and take a gander. She is truly amazing and has the most beautiful posts.

Yesterday I decided to make my own wine glasses. I will most likely keep them for a fun dinner party or small event but they would make great gifts for birthdays, anniversarys, weddings or any occasion.

First I found beads at Michael's for about $10.00. As Centsational Girl says, you can use any material you want from beads, to shells to charms etc.

I used an old necklace as well that I never wear and cut the pearl beads from it. I put all the beads into a tupperware container (except for the small glass beads) so that they would be handy and all in one place. Then I grabbed my glasses (already owned-free!) and the silicone (about $4.00) and put them on newspaper to be sure that a mess wasn't created on our dining room table. I do most crafts at this table until I can get a desk in my office. I used glass silicone that I found at Home Depot (since I was already there for other items and didn't want to go to yet another store) in a squeezable bottle.

Be sure to wear latex gloves. Centsational Girl wasn't kidding when she said this stuff was stinky, although she used a different brand I can imagine they smelled similar. Have you ever had your hair permed or walked into a salon when they were conducting a perm? Yah, it smells something like that mixed with finger nail polish remover. Yummy, not so much.

Once the silicone is spread evenly onto the base of your wine glasses I removed my gloves. I found that it helped with stability when working with the beads and I also didn't want to get any residual silicone from the gloves onto the beads. I then just started putting the larger beads onto the base and pushed them in to make sure they were going to adhere. Then I filled in the gaps with the small white glass beads.

The silicone says it dries in 3 hours but to be extra safe I let it dry for 24 hours like Centsational Girl had stated in her post.

Voila! A beautiful addition to any entertaining set. The crate you see in the picture below was a gift for our wedding last July. I believe the buyer found it at Pottery Barn; I'm not positive that they still have them but it's worth checking out. They are super cute and handy!

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  1. What a fun and neat idea to spruce up the glasses!! LOVE!!!!


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