Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple bathroom update

You know what I find absolutely absurd...not having towel racks or rings in the bathrooms of a brand new house. I know, crazy right!?! Well in all honesty we had one; it was above the toilet (EWWW) in the master and it was that funky junky, painted silver plastic but made to look like metal bar. Who in their right mind would put a hand towel above the toilet to dry their hands off. I mean SERIOSULY folks; this doesn't work for three reasons.
1.) The way my bathroom is set up; with two sinks and a half wall where the shower is sort of hiding the toilet from the sink closest to the door.
2.) The toilet and the floor leading up to it would be wet. There is nothing worse then stepping or touching something wet, especially if it's not expected

I was going to make my own towel rack and holder but the idea I had wasn't going to work with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom or house for that matter. My idea was more country chic/cottage style and our house is more traditional. So what is a girl to do; I went to TJ Maxx. Oh heck ya! They have some really amazing items for really cheap.

Towel rings were only $7.99 and the towel bar (24inch) was only $9.99. Score!
All you do is put the drywall screws into the wall; I pounded them in with a rubber hammer (you can see one end of the hammer in the picture above-Ha as well as some toes. Too funny).

It's a good thing this kit came with these because where I wanted them to go there wasn't a stud. Then I screwed them all the way in, flush with the wall, with the cordless drill. As you can see from the above picture I had already traced out the circle so I could eyeball the rest and it would be close to center as possible. Then you put the metal bracket on there (it also has directions that say which way is up-idiot proof which is great sometimes when I'm doing a project). Then you mount your fixture on the metal bracket and there is a tiny screw (see below pic) that you tighten to make sure it stays.

I am sure you have all done this and I am just now joining civilization but I was pretty happy that I made my world (or bathrooms that is) a little bit brighter. Now I don't have to put some random hand towel on the counter when guests come over; how ghetto is that. HA!

I have one towel bar and two hand towel rings (one for each sink) in the master bath. *We/I want to paint the master bedroom and bathroom again. It needs to be lighter and brighter but that is another project for another day.

And then one towel ring in the guest bath. There isn't a ton of space, this bathroom is itsy-bitsy so just enough room for a ring. Total cost of the project was around $37.00.

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