Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Millie

Hi there! This last weekend was one of the best weekends in a long time. I not only got to spend all day Saturday with a great friend and share an enormous amount of time laughing, dancing and being silly while doing her countertop project BUT I also got to bring home something, a new addition to our family.

This is Millie, my very own horse! I have been wanting a horse for years and The Hubs surprised me with a visit to Idaho to look at one. The next day, he bought her for me. Isn't he the best; I'm still floating on Cloud 9! Here are a few more pictures; she is incredibly sweet and gentle.

It's funny (not to be gross here), the minute we got her home she smelled Shrek (The Hub's massive 16+ hand, roping horse) and instantly she started her special lady time. I mean come on, no way is she in heat but yes she was. She thought Shrek was a fine specimen of a man and wanted him to be her boyfriend. It's funny how they interacted the first 10 minutes of her arrival; I wish I had captured it on video.

I took her out for a spin Sunday, literally...we did do some spins, nothing scary just trying to show her who is boss. The Hubs is more comfortable around horses then I but he says it just takes time and practice. I had a great time riding her (in our pasture-too chicken to take her on the trails) and just getting acquainted with one another. I didn't bring the camera or my phone in case they ended up broke so next time I will be sure to ask The Hubs to take a few pics of me riding Millie.

The previous owner said that her favorite treat are the peppermint candies like these. 
Crazy, huh?!?! I never would have thought a horse would like something like this. I've always known horses to like apples or carrots (aside from their grass diet) but never candy. Right after the previous owner said this I learned something new about Shrek his treat is Pringles; he will go bananas for Pringles. Animals are  funny and unpredictable but I believe they are key to unlocking a bit of happiness in each of us.

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