Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the Gutter

Our house never came with gutters, I know it's crazy, and every time it rained (which up until recently felt like for eternity), the water would rush down the front windows and the back patio door. It felt like we were, at times, under water.

I talked to The Hubs about getting gutters and we determined that it wouldn't be too expensive if we did it ourselves, and by ourselves I really mean him. :) The next day he brought home all the materials. Awww, I love him....he just gets me and my pushy persuasive manner and hardly ever questions it or puts up a fight.

Look at that gloomy sky! Blech! Anyway The Hubs did all the work on this project; god love him. I am not sure if I have told you all before but I'm quite lazy in comparison to others, like my husband, and besides this job required getting on a ladder. Ummm, nothankyou; I prefer to keep my feet on the ground. So first he grabbed the ladder and the drill and every two feet started screwing in the supports for the gutters.

Once he had the supports layed out (see above pic) he then grabbed the gutters and attached them to the supports. That was it...well almost. There is still the matter of the down spouts but right now the ends over hang until we get them. This is (so far) preventing the water from gathering near our foundation. WOOHOO!!! Success-you rock babe!

It's a beautiful thing and such a simple amenity that some might take for granted. If you, like me, don't have gutters and you live in rainy and unpredictable weather conditions (like the Pacific Northwest) then I recommend pushing persuading your spouse, significant other, brother, uncle or father into putting them up for you. Oh heck, do it yourself (if you aren't a scaredy cat like me). :)

Before (pitiful ok, ok-mildly sad):

After (wonderful):

It's like they were always there. Oh and see how green the grass is?!?! Oh yah, there is a reason and another DIY project to show you. This one I even helped with...a little. :)

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