Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY Topiaries

I bought some containers FOREVER ago at Michael's in their clearance section. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them at the time but something inside me screamed "grab them...grab them now, you fool!", so I did. I find more often then not that I am a total impulse buyer and then once I have the "subject" at home I determine what it's fate will be.

Sorry about the poor picture, I completely forgot to take a "before" picture of the containers until I was 98% done putting my first coat of spray paint on.

I put two coats of black spray paint on the containers and then let them completely dry for 24 hours.

While they were drying I started making my topiaries. First I had two stems of flowers from last summer. I had a great plan to make my own hair piece/jewelry for the wedding.

The first flower was too cream colored and would look awful against my white dress.

The second flower I thought would be perfect until I got it home as well and realized that it was too yellow looking in the middle and it just wouldn't do. So needless to say, I have had these flowers in my craft box for almost a year and wasn't sure if I would ever use them. I'm glad I found a use though because I was tired of going into that room and seeing them in the corner, staring at me and making me feel bad that I had wasted time, effort and money on that project.

Anyway, I cut the stems to the desired height I wanted and removed the floral heads and the leaves on the stems. The stems, themselves, are not identical but I doubt anyone would notice. I then stuffed a styrofoam ball onto each stem and then hot glued it, for extra stability.

Then I proceeded to cut off the ivy leaves from the sprigs that I purchased (also at Michaels).

Then I turned the stem upside down, so that the ball was on the bottom and started at the part where the stem was hot glued into the ball and just hot glued the ivy leaves around. I followed a circular motion and used the larger leaves first and then filled in the gaps with the smaller leaves.

I then took some styrofoam that I have in the shape of blocks and cut one in half. Then stuffed each piece into the bottom of the, now completely dry since it's been a whole 24 hrs, tins.

Then I pushed the stemmed topiaries into the foam in the tins and it was still missing something. Hmmm, what could jazz this up some?!?!

Excelsior, baby!! Heck ya! Not only will it cover the funky foam in the tin (very functional) but it will also spruce it up and take these beauties to a whole other level.

I love it!!! And since I was not blessed with a green thumb, I can still have my "green plants" year around and not have to lift a finger. These lovelies are going to work with me and will reside in my office.

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