Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shop Update

Woo-to-the-freakin-HOO! The exterior of the shop is complete peeps! Well almost; we don't have a garage door yet but in due time. We are beyond exhausted, I mean excited. maybe a little both and I can actually, truthfully say that I helped. I did...I swear!

So the last you saw it it looked like this
So the first step, after The Hubs got it to this point, was to put on the roof. Then the walls, taking into account the doors.

Each piece of metal had to be cut to size; basically we touched each piece at least two times. I will spare you the crazy pitfalls but looking at it today it was worth it. Every two feet and across the entire length you put a screw through the metal and into the wood frame behind it to secure the piece in place.

It's a total construction zone around here and a complete eye sore but finally, this weekend, we get to pack it all up and haul it off. We are done! Well again with the exterior. The inside still looks like this...for now.

Over the winter though we will attempt to put in electrical, insulation, drywall and most importantly shelving so that by Spring 2011 I can start putting our storage items out there. Oh and of course have the professionals pour the concrete floor.

I'm not making any promises or putting a timeline on this because it's Murphy's Law that when you do something goes tiddlywinks. Besides, we want it done right and the first time. :)

Before: barren land was the only picture I could find of this area. I know...I'm putting some sort of vibe into the Universe to cause this white, fluffy stuff to fall. I'm sorry, I totally didn't intend to. I TAKE IT BACK...I TAKE IT BACK! :)

After: A shop! A real live, bigger than all get out SHOP!

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