Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Greetings

Although this week the temp is in the 80's I have been itching to put out a little bit of my fall decor. I just love the warmth and the smell of fall, don't you?

"Simple" is the plan in decorating this year. As like many of you, I have too much going on to fuss over the decor and coordinating such items with the seasons. However, I DO love changing it up but I'm taking all the pressure off this year-a free 'hall pass' if you will.

Last spring I showed you a few "simple" ideas that I used to decorate above the cabinet and a centerpiece here. I changed up above the cabinet for fall but I have decided not to do a tablescape or centerpiece, at least not right now. You see, for those who know me personally you know that I do not have my own desk yet (and my "office" aka the abyss is a disaster) and I'm going back to school so our dining room table is "my desk". With that in mind, I wanted to still put a bit of fall decor out but have it not be distracting that I lost interest in school and became obsessed with switching out my decor.

So first I took the black/white damask plates down, took the green/white and black 'fluff' out of the glass jar and took the believe book down.

I put a brown (plastic-shh) charger where the plates were. It was only $2.99 plus 20% off at Michaels with my coupon.
Then I also put fall 'fluff', you know leaves and pinecones (the smelly kind-not that anyone would notice from way up there) in the glass jar.

I left my cake stand up there, it's pretty much a permanent fixture since I have no where else to store it. Work with what you got people and integrate items, like this for storage, into your decor. I decided to put 3 small pumpkins I had from the 'fall fluff' and three beady candle holders into the cake stand and sort of treat it like a cloche. On a side note, am I the only person in the world that doesn't have a cloche!!

Then I just added a metal Petaluma sign I got in a thrifty/antique store for only $6.00. Originally it was going to find a place on the hutch but I just couldn't make it work yet with the accessories I had. Then the final piece of decor was a white, plushy pumpkin from Michaels that was $7.99 plus 40% off and then the additional 20% with my coupon. I bought two!

The final product is just enough warmth and just enough fall decor to satisfy my craving to change for the season. The whole process took about 10 minutes tops and that is including put a little bit on the hutch and a candle holder out as well.

I encourage you all to give yourselves a break and simplify your Fall decor. I feel liberated and I think you might too and Christmas will be here soon ( I know, sue me) and you can go all gangbusters then. Although if you are one that just can't force yourself to stop (it's our little secret *wink* ) then go for it and embrace it. You are who you are and that is why people love you.

So tell me, have you started putting out your Fall stuff yet or are you afraid it is cheating Summer somehow and you want to soak up all the sun before it's gone for good?

P.S. Sorry the pictures are so crap! I shot them at night which is a huge no-no. Do as I say not as I do. :)

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