Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easy Magnet Art

I know I promised a couple projects and trust me they are really cool but I got a tiny bit sidetracked with some thrift shopping on Saturday and before I knew it my day was spent. Before I move on to the easy "art"work I did I wanted to show you my find from yesterday. Check this beauty out!

It's an old fruit box; I'm in love. I plan to make this a container to corral our outdoor entertaining items but I will show you that on a later post.

Now back to the project at hand...I grabbed all of my scrapbooking materials and picked out a neutral color paper.

I had this old picture frame for years and haven't ever used it. Are you the same way; carrying things from house to house, year after year, but never do anything with it? I'm nuts, I know, but it came in handy today for this project.

I cut the paper to the desired size for my frame, took the back of my frame off and removed the matting that was inside.

These are magnets that I got from the dollar bins at Michaels; I liked the words and knew that I would eventually use them for something.

I layed the magnets out in a few different ways to visualize how I wanted this "art" to look. Once I found my desired look I grabbed left over Command strips and stuck one piece to each magnet.

Here is the end result; easy peasy! Its cute, bright and great for a craft room, a little girl's room or a home office. Perfect for spring! Also the great thing about this is it was so cheap to make; $3.00 for the magnets, scrapbook paper and frame I already owned (free!!!) and the Command strips I also owned (free!!!).

You can also change this out for the seasons. Since the magnets are stuck to the paper you can just remove the paper and start the process over for something new as the seasons change.

For now I am liking the little addition to our home that I cranked out in less then 5 minutes (I told you it was easy) but I think maybe, just maybe, I might add some pizazz to the frame itself. I hope everyone had a terrific weekend!

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