Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simple Spring Decor

I came down with a nasty cold for the last few days and the doctor said it was just that, a cold, and to get plenty of rest and fluids. I sat around all day yesterday and was bored out of my mind so today I decided to go against doctor's wishes and do something, ANYTHING! I had to break out!!

First I picked up my brother and our mom to go to the Home & Garden show at the convention center. They had a few booth's that were fairly impressive but in my opinion, if it matters, it wasn't worth the $8.00 per person to enter. We made one good sweep of the place and then headed back to the car to enjoy another activity. My brother has never been to Real Deals-get the heck out!!! I made the executive decision that was the next stop, he just had to go but after I explained what it was there wasn't any arm twisting required.

While we were there I picked up a package of black wicker balls, in various sizes and a package of large white wicker balls; each package was around $3.00. I put them in a glass jar that I already owned.

It still needed something else so I began to raid my craft room and found these green, moss "rocks" that I had purchased a month ago from the Dollar Store.
Much better!

I put this up on top of some cabinets by my iron scroll piece. I added a stack of black and white damask (I love damask) plates from the hutch and put them slightly behind the jar.

It still needed something; so I brought my book stand and my Believe book up from the counter to this space also. I love how the book's writing is in green and matches my moss covered rocks perfectly.

Love it!! Really really love it!!

I found these birds at Michaels a couple week's back for only $1.99 each. I loved the creamy color and the 'cracked' look, like old china. I thought they were very shabby chic and vintage looking.

I also remembered that I had a sack of rocks from the Dollar Store and pulled out one of my entertaining dishes from the kitchen and a candle from the hall closet and decided to make a fun centerpiece for the table.

I know that The Hubs hates burlap but I needed a little extra texture for this photo and put one of my $1.99 burlap bags as a "placemat" for my centerpiece. The Hubs is away on business so he won't have any clue because I will have removed it prior to his arrival back home. Shhh!

So far these are my little spring items that I have added into our decor for the season. I bought some robin blue faux eggs (also from Real Deals) for only .20 cents each but I haven't decided where to put those yet. I am sure I will continue to tweak the Spring decor, most likely all the way up until Summer, but for today I can promise that I will enjoy it.

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