Friday, June 4, 2010

Be there or be....missed

There is a special event in town and it is THIS WEEKEND! It's the Farm Chicks show. Oh my, oh my I have been counting the days until I could attend this fabulous event.
The Farm Chicks

I've been following Serena's blog and she has been introducing some of the vendors that will be there this year. It may be the event of the year so be sure to stop by at some point this weekend and take a gander; you won't be sorry.

I've joked to friends that I will be the crazy one set up with a cot, hanging out ALL weekend and I truly wish I could pull that off. I don't want to miss a minute or a booth or an item at this show. I plan to take pictures, if they will let me, and post about it later. The tentative plan is to head down around 9:45am so if you are in the area or don't have any plans (even if you do-cancel them! HA!!) come and meet me. It's at the Spokane Fairgrounds this year and there is tons of parking.

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