Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farm Chicks Show plus Farm Chicks Recipe

Holy cow!!! The Farm Chicks Show did not disappoint, folks! We arrived at about 10:30AM and the line was from the front gates, through the parking lot and a quarter of the way down Havana St.

When we finally got in I was on sensory overload; it was like my wires cross-connected, shorted and fried my brain. There was so much to see, almost too much to see, and the booths were decorated fabulously. These vendors pulled out all the stops. I know I promised pictures but there was just too much stuff to see, too many people to manuever around and to be totally honest I forgot about pictures until we were almost finished.

I did take one...I was trying to wrap my head around the GIGANTIC letters and thinking of a way to take one home without The Hubs noticing. Sadly, I left without because I knew that I would catch H-E (double hockey stick) for making that purchase.

The Farm Chicks Show is still open tomorrow as well; I highly recommend taking in all the sights. I'm not sure if these folks will be there tomorrow but Country Living Magazine (squeal!!!) was handing out their June issue AND they were giving autographs!

Our copies were signed by the Assistant Editor, Jourdan Crouch. There wasn't much time for chit chat seeing as there were so many wonderful women waiting for their copy as well but we did learn that she hails from Kentucky but is currently residing in New York. Oh what a dream!

Like last weekend, this morning I hit up the Liberty Lake Farmers Market and purchased some wonderful foccacia bread ($4.75) and a bundle of rhubarb ($2.00). I have been craving Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for what seems like ever and today was the day to feed that craving, literally.

As I prepared to make the pie I remembered that The Farm Chicks have a wonderful Rhubarb Crunch recipe here and what better way to honor their show this weekend then make one of their recipes. However, instead of 4 cups of rhubarb I put in 2 cups of rhubarb and also 2 cups of strawberries.

Our house smells so incredibly delicious right now. I love the smell of baked goods; I wish our home could smell like this 24/7! I will have a small, okay maybe a medium large size, helping tonight but the remainder will be sent to the in-laws. I'm sure they will love it, at least I hope so! Okay, maybe not so much that it's probably an incredible amount of calories or that it's possible the FIL will go into a sugar coma (not really, just kidding) but they won't be able to argue the heavenly taste.

I hope everyone has a scrumdiddlyumptious weekend!!!

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