Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun at LL's Farmers Market

Two posts in one day; who is this nutty woman!!! I went to the Liberty Lake's Farmers Market again yesterday with two very good friends of mine. We met at their house and walked over the bike trail that goes over the freeway into the heart of Liberty Lake.

I had one thing on my mind this time...the crepe lady! I am telling you she makes the most light, airy, delicate little crepes ever. Their booth is hoppin all day long and with over 9 different types to choose from it is sure to keep the masses coming back for more.

That is her booth, the first on the right with the green top. It's right next to the wonderful herb/plant section from Kettle Falls. Anyway back to the star of the market...the crepe. My friend chose Red and Black berry crepe which looked amazing but I wanted something more rich and decadent. I chose the Dark Chocolate and Bavarian creme crepe.

OMG!!! I have literally died and gone to heaven. The bavarian goodness is inside and as you can see the crepe is swimming in the dark chocolate. Mmmmmm! Just looking at the picture is making my tastebuds stand up and my mouth salivate.

There is so many wonderful booths at the Farmers Market and the live music yesterday was phenomenal. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I was enamored with the florals this trip, as you will see by the pictures below.

See that hanging basket-$25.00!! I know, crazy cheap!!!

Stargazer lillies-$7.00 per bucket! Insane!!

Summer is here and attending the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning sure kicks starts the weekend and puts me in a fantastic mood. I highly recommend stopping into our neck of the woods for a good ol' fashioned farmers market. You will not leave disappointed; I can guarantee that.


  1. The crepes look so good. Not sure where you are located but wish I could get something like this in eastern NC. We do have a place locally that have strawberry crepes but it sure would be nice to have 9 choices.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. We live in Washington state; quite a few miles from NC. They have crepes (premade) at our grocery stores here, maybe they are in your part of the country too and you can make your own FAB crepes at home. :)


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