Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oregon Coast-Last Phase

I know that I took over 200 pictures and I know that I would absolutely love to talk to you all day about the wonderful vacation but I need to get back to creating, painting, sanding etc so this will be the last post about our least for awhile. I'm not making definite promises that I won't from time to time pull out a couple pics. :)

So we attempted to go crabbin' one day but all we caught were starfish...

I highly recommend getting a tide schedule, if there is such a thing, if you are going crabbin'. One of our pots got stuck under the pier and we had to venture back out around 10pm to try to free it. Luckily though when we got there a nice man had wrestled with it for 45 minutes and it was just laying on the dock, empty but laying on the dock nonetheless, waiting for its rightful owner.

Everywhere you look there is an amazing amount of plant life; everything is green and overflowing. I didn't snap any photos but the hydrangeas grow rampant here-I'm completely jealous! We walked through "tunnels" made of plants and trees...

There are flowers growing everywhere. They are all along side the highway, they are growing on hillsides, in between rock walls, up driveways to houses and it seems to be effortless and natural.

We went to Agate Beach but didn't find any agates. It was fun anyway just to be on the beach, taking in the salty air and listening to the waves crash against the shore. While we were there I snapped some photos of the houses on the beach; I was thinking to myself what a wonderful life it would be to live on the beach and absorb this beauty every day.
Look at the windows! GORG!

It then occured to me that while I may never be able to have a place on the beach I can certainly make a coastal oasis at home and no one is around to stop me or tell me that I can't. That is the beauty of having your own home, your own design and your own willpower-You can do anything you like! So if I am going to create a special "oceanic" place for me then I better get started creating my concept and figuring which space to take over. First a spot in our, who knows maybe the world! :)

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  1. So sorry you were disappointed with our Agate Beach, we do have beaches that get covered with agates in the winter, but agate beach will always remain sanded in even during the winter. If you want to see and learn more about our local agates check out:

    Happy Hunting...


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