Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oregon Coast-Part Two

Hi there folks! I'm back to share another adventure from our Oregon Coast trip. Today it is all about lighthouses. I desperately love the look of lighthouses and I was dying to see one up close and then to my surprise I saw a sign stating that we could. It was from then on a mission to check out Yaquina Head.

This amazing piece of land, 19 acres I believe, has so much to offer and the fee to enter the site was very reasonable; it was only $7.00 per vehicle (which is good for 3 days-Score!) so The Hubs, MIL, FIL and I loaded up in our car and set out to scope this place out.

As we made our way through the crowd of people we entered the lighthouse. I was like a kid in a candy store; there were so many things to see like the architecture or the antiques they had in some of the rooms. I caught a picture of the Oil Room.

Everything was very well maintained and clean. I would assume that the government pays for people to keep this place prestine and tip-top shape but from what I hear, in the mid 1800's there were many laborers painting, polishing, farming and cleaning to fill their days while at the lighthouse. Being a lighthouse keeper seems like a very lonely job but I am thankful there were folks out there willing to perform this work so that I and generations behind me can take in all it's beauty. Anyway back to the lovely pictures...we were finally let loose to walk up the stairs to the top and boy, oh boy was it a trek.

We climbed stair after stair after went on for what seemed like forever.
But we finally made it to the top! Woohoo! And then once at the top it was crammed with people, it was hot and I was having another anxiety ridden moment and like the elevator incident, needed to get the heck out of dodge so we made the trek back down the stairs. It was way easier than up!

We headed outside to view the landscape from a deck like platform. We saw a ton of seabirds and more of the coast.

As we were walking to the car, having thought that we had come to see what they offered, we saw others taking in trails. The Hubs and I knew that while it looked like fun, it would probably take quite a bit of time out of our day to walk the trails. Instead we saw a staircase going down to the waters edge and people were down there. We ventured down and took in the views of Cobble Beach. It was appropriately named seeing as the entire beach to the water's edge was rocks, or cobble stones :). It was a little rocky, no pun intended, navigating around the beach and you definitely needed to be cautious. While down here though we saw tons of mussels, driftwood and other sea life.

The Hubs even talked me into touching an anemone. It was super strange as it was slowing closing up around my finger.
It was all so wonderful and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to not only see a lighthouse up close and personal but to walk inside and check out the surroundings. There is quite a bit to see and it is clear why the $7.00 day pass is good for 3 days; you may need all three days to enjoy the amount of beauty this place has to offer.

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