Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oregon Coast- Part One

Hey there, the long wait is over...I have the Oregon pics dowloaded and I am going to share a little with you now.

After a rocky start, let's just say that 25mph curves at 60mph does not cooperate with the stomach-blech, we finally reached our destination. I will spare you the horrific details and the hostility that was the car trip down and move right along to happy, sunshine-y details.

We had gorgeous weather the very next day so it made the trip worth it. We made our way into Depoe Bay and did some sight seeing, more like shopping, and then my favorite part of the day was when the FIL wanted to go into an old book store. I was in love! The musty smell, the oodles of old books had me at "hello". I found my way into the very back corner, behind file cabinets and seriously lost myself in the decor books. I saw some inspiration photos that I mentally socked away for another day.

Isn't it absolutely breathtaking; I mean wow! This place, I believe, is called Devils Punch Bowl. And from the picture below I can see why.

It's a huge cavern that is at least 100 feet from the viewing place and the water rushes in and crashes against the rocks in the middle. Stunning but a tiny bit scary at the same time.

The rest of the trip, as you will soon see a bit later, was typical coastal weather; low 60's and foggy/drizzly/wet but it was a refreshing change from the 90 degree weather we had just left.

I am going to give you a cliff's notes version of the next few days and I am going to apologize up front for some of the pictures quality, we didn't have the best lighting and enviornment for film.

We saw the sea lion caves...

Side note to anyone who doesn't do well in small spaces (moi), you may want to forgoe the underground cave where you take an elevator 200+ feet into a cave with 15+ other people on the ride with you. I had a moment, or two, and wanted to claw/bite/scratch my way out of there as fast as I could. The outside area is way more tolerable for you peeps like me.

We went to an oyster farm....

Yes, those are all oyster shells-Shut The Front Door! I even took pictures of the gentlemen schucking the oysters. They were very hard at work but allowed me to enter their domain and snap some shots.

We played in the water, the freezing, felt like something biting you water.....

The Hubs and one of the nieces skipping rocks in the waves

me being a nerd and posing, oh and I am too big of a wimp to play in the water

Well that is all I can possibly cram into this post; it's getting late and I would like to chill out and read a bit before bed. There will be more to come though, I promise! Until then I will leave you with a quote that pretty much summarizes my feelings of this trip, er the ocean in general.

"The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever" ~Jacque Cousteau


  1. I am glad you were here when the weather was nice, Cass. Because for most of the summer it has been cold, windy and gray! I live on and love the Oregon Coast, but this weather has me down!
    Worst. Summer. Ever.

    Kate Madison
    Depoe Bay, Oregon

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed your neck of the woods, so much so that I would give anything to have a cottage near the beach. Take care!


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