Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shop Update

I am still downloading all 200+ photos from our Oregon coast vacation so once that is complete then I can actually post about our trip and show you some pretty stuff.

In the meantime, I thought that I would show you an update on The Hub's shop. He has been working incredibly hard; the man never stops working. It's a sickness but god bless him because you know there is no darn way anything would get done around here without him! :) Anyway with the help of his brothers and a friend, and maybe even the dad, the shop has trusses. After that was complete The Hubs has been hard at work getting the perlins on (that may or may not be what they are called); they look like rafters in a ceiling-sort of.
See...those thingy-ma-bobs! Anyway this baby is going to be HUGE!! I can't wait because I believe I have narrowed down the design on my home office/craft room and when this shop is done I can actually move crap out of it and into here.

While The Hubs is hard at work (love ya babe!), I am just fiddling around with a couple simple craft projects that I will show you soon...well if they turn out. :)

Oh and in totally unrelated news...Spokane Valley has finally put in a Hobby Lobby.
My dear friend and I spent an hour and a half in this store; we did 3 rounds around the entire store and I swear I could live here. There is so much to see and ideas coming at you from all sides and the place is massive. I didn't want to leave but sadly the folks at Hobby Lobby weren't fond of the idea of me setting up a cot and moving in. :) I am itching to go back!! Have a great weekend!

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