Saturday, January 22, 2011

The urge to a giveaway!!

Hello and how are you today? I've been feeling weighed down, frustrated and a little like a basket case. It occurred to me that part of the problem (there is a whole iceberg of other issues) is that I have multiple...yes, MULTIPLE cluttered areas in my house.

It starts out innocent with a designated "junk" drawer/surface and then it breeds into an uncontrollable monster and when I decided to finally take the blinders off, I have lost all ability to reign in the mess and it has spread like wild fire throughout the entire house. Has this happen to you before? Please say it has, I don't want to be the only messy freak out here. :)
The other night something just snapped and I couldn't live one more minute with 2 (out of many) cupboards looking the way they did.

Me, to The Hubs: " I think I'm going to rearrange and clean out the pots/pans cupboard and the bowl cupboard".

The Hub's: {half paying attention and not even looking in my direction}..."umm, ok"

As I start performing the task at hand right then and there, oh I didn't waste another second, it occurred to my better half that I was actually going to do it then and it wasn't just another random thought or item to put on a list to tackle another time.

I am slowly working on other areas of the home that I hope to show you soon but in the meantime since I am on an organizing kick let's talk about the giveaway. One of my "messy" problems is the amount of paper we accumulate. What do I keep, what do I throw away and how do I organize the things I deemed worth holding on to? I need a tried and true system, that's for sure. Mine tactics simply are no longer working.

I have picked out a few items, in very punchy colors because this should be a fun experience, to giveaway to one of my readers/visitors.

I know that I don't dedicate enough time to this blog but yet you still come back and check in from time to time. So much so that I have reached over 250 views. That may not seem like a huge number but I think it's a personal achievment and couldn't be thankful enough.

When I started this blog it was what I thought "a means to fill my time" and it turned into an incredibly enjoyable experience. There is something so cathardic about writing about your experiences and having others find enjoyment in it as well. I never would have thought that anything I did or said would be interesting enough for people to want to continue to read.

 Anyway, I want to give you all a BIG, FAT PINK PUFFY HEART. Also one lucky person is going to win this giveaway. What is it, you ask?

First there is a terrific book, I bought a copy for myself as well; afterall I too need a little help in corraling the mess. It's called Simply Organized, written by Iyna Bort Caruso and Jenny Schroedel. I've started it and let me tell you, just the introduction page had me hooked. I could have sworn they were talking about me and living my life. I've seriously thought about other places to hang my everexpanding closet and the thought of hanging some items from ceiling fans or chandeliers has crossed my mind.
 Also included is a calendar for dates to remember throughout 2011.

Then there are some super fun file folders that have pictures of shoes and handbags. GAH! I love it! In addition, I've thrown in some magnets, a pen (for the calendar writing) and some sticky notes and tabs, maybe for all those magazine pages you just can part with?!?! Oh wait...that's me; I have magazines coming out my ears because I am too afraid to part with the one or two items I liked.

To enter? It's really just simple...leave a comment. Tell me something you have been dying to organize, or tell me about your junk drawer or just say hi! The giveaway will be open until Thursday, January 27th, 2011. I will use to select a number from the comments and I will announce the winner on Saturday the 29th. Thanks again for all your love and support!
***Anyone can enter, even if you aren't a follower. Just leave your name in the body of the comment so I know who to announce***

This giveaway is closed!


  1. Oh can I just say my whole house?! No in all seriousness, my office and guest room are my frenemies. I love them but they just seem to be "dump zones" in our house because we can shut the doors and ignore them for days!

    Hi by the way! My name is Katie Lee from OhhBaby Designs! Its nice to meet you! :)

  2. The Craft room and furnace room/storage room. Seriously, how does it get so out of control? hmmm Help!

  3. I have so many places that need to be organized but my master closet is the worst one right now. I just can't seem to get in the mood to tackle it.

  4. The basement is a good catch all for me, just throw it down and shut the door...outta sight outta mind! :)

  5. i need to organize my entire life...starting with the hubbys closet, then the spare bedroom, and the laundry room and my closet, and the kitchen. Maybe I just need a bigger house ;)


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