Sunday, January 2, 2011

The vaccuum battle

Look at the amount of the snow, folks! Holy moly and it's been frigid to boot. Yesterday it only got up to 8 degrees where we live and on the way home from the New Years party yesterday in the wee hours of the morning there were spots along the way that were -19 degrees (oh yah, negative). Yowza!

Anyway we still had a bit of fun today in the snow and not the type of fun you are thinking. You know, the normal stuff people do like ski, sled or snowmobile. Nope something entirely different. So for quite awhile now we (The Hubs because he does pretty much all the vaccuuming) has had this epic battle with the vaccuum. We have gone through several rollers and a plethora of belts. Today something snapped, and not just the belt again; The Hubs was officially fed up. As he put it "it was the last belt that broke the vaccuums back".

I know you are wondering what on earth is your vaccuum doing outside in the snow. Keep on reading...

Are you starting to see what is about to happen?!?! :)

Two very loud shots later and the vaccuum was blown into three pieces. Oh but The Hubs wasn't done yet...oh no no no. He lit off another 8 rounds just to make his point and to well... feel better.

Oh and if you are wondering what type of vaccuum NOT to buy may I suggest you stay clear of Dirt Devil. :)

He felt liberated and so did I...but then I started to think...with a Saint Bernard at home that sheds A TON now what are we going to do. We intended on waiting it out until February or so to buy a quality vaccuum (woot woot Dyson!). The Hubs decided we couldn't (and neither could the vaccuum) wait that long.

We hopped into the car and headed into town to purchase a replacement that would at the very least (hopefully) last until our big purchase.

So far so good but it has only been a few hours. Time will tell. :) We had a sick and twisted thought to show the new vaccuum it's possible fate if it decided to crap out too but that would be silly, right?!?!

Now that we have a working vaccuum I guess there is no excuse for me not to get off my duff and test it out from time to time. Working vaccuum-check, next up cleaning and organizing the home...AGAIN!


  1. OMG; I love the vacuum story,so funny.

  2. thiS made me laugh! B/c we too have a Saint!They're the best but holy hair allllll the time!!And we just got rid of our crappy vacuum and I got the Dyson Animal for Christmas and it is the most amazing thing!Espcially if you have a Saint! The suction is really amazing, and it picks it up in one swoop and the dust that it picks up is unbelievable. Now I love vaccuming b/c of the Dyson, you should definitely get one!


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