Sunday, January 30, 2011


Happy Weekend ya'll! I know I can't be the first to think of this and I definitely won't be the last. You see, I needed a small mirror for a small section of wall at my work office. I've casually looked around for mirrors when I was out leisurely shopping. I wasn't in a huge hurry; it wasn't a ohmygoodnessgottahaveitnow purchase, you know. The price ranges were always somewhere between $15.00 and well over $100.00. Umm, I think I will make my own and that is just what I have done folks. :)

I headed out to one of our local Dollar Tree stores, not in search of a mirror but just a simple project for this weekend to get my fix. I'm a junky who is going through withdrawls because my other life (you know the one that isn't decorating/cooking/DIY'ing and blogging) is getting in this junky's way. While I was perusing the store I happened upon this in the candle aisle.

It's just a mirror that you would put a candle on. Super easy and super cheap!

While I was there I saw their real cheap-o photo frames. I thought why the heck not! At worse if it doesn't turn out then I'm out $2.00. It's a nice metallic like color but up close and personal you can tell it is super inexpensive. It's plastic but it should work.

I had the gorilla glue from another project but I think at Home Depot it was around $4.00. And you don't need a ton for this project.

I put a small beaded line around the picture frame, where the picture would go; I didn't even take off the paper insert. No one will see it so why bother. Once the small amount of gorilla glue was on I layed the mirror right on top and quickly (must work quickly because it is super glue and dries uber fast) arranged the mirror to be centered.

It's not totally perfect but for $2.00 vs. at the bare minimum $15.00, not too shabby.
All it needs is a bit of Windex for all my nasty little finger smears and it's ready to hang on the wall. Another thing you can do is leave it as is on a side table or buffet or hutch. Maybe decorate it with a little bit of vinyl lettering. Or maybe you can decorate the frame with ribbon or an old brooch; I think the possibilities to jazz it up are limitless. This junky's incredibly easy and nearly free fix; what do you think!?!

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