Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Birds

February is the month of LOVE and these cute little love birds made themselves quite at home in my "nest" this evening.

Aren't they just cutie patootie! And they are it!

Basically I found these cute little "bling'd out" birds in the dollar bin section at Michaels. I think they are intended for scrapbooking and I may use a few for that but right now I am thinking something super quick and easy.

I bought a package of magnets and went to work!

Just a tiny dab of hot glue and I have myself SUPER CUTE magnets for the fridge or maybe a future command center. Hmmmm...

Oh yeah...that's bad mamajama...sitting on a "big girl bike". That's how I roll...ha ha-not really. Ignore the picture, it's really just there for contrast so that you can see the birdies better.

From start to finish, including the time to take the pics and play with the photo and arrangement, this took 5 minutes. No lie...WAY easy, which is how I like it because any more, I'm incredibly lazy. :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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