Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hubs ROCKS!!

My husband is the most generous, kind human being I have ever had the privileged to know. He is a math and science whiz, he is intelligent, warm and funny. And even though he is impossibly smart he is unassuming. To boot, he also has an amazing ability to fix anything and create anything he puts his mind to.
There are several pieces of furniture that I have on "the list", you know the honey-do list. Bless his giant heart; he doesn't have a shop yet and still he managed to make two pieces for me this year for Christmas. For quite some time now I have been bugging him to tell me what he was making because I just don't like surprises. I am a control freak even when it comes down to surprising me with the most beautiful of things. Yes, it's a sickness-I know! To deter the bloodhound (me) from his scent he told me that it was nothing that I asked for and you know what...I BELIEVED HIM!! HA!
This is a hope chest (unstained) that we were planning on putting our guest book from the wedding in. You see, we had our guests sign cedar boards knowing that eventually we will incorporate them into the hope chest. I love it!!

This is my corner hutch that will take permanent home in our dining room. I am completely and utterly blown away.

This piece is gorgeous! It still needs glass in the doors, a wine rack on the bottom and my dark cherry/mahogany stain but it is absolutely perfect! That corner of our house was begging for this piece. I am incredibly blessed with an amazing husband that loves me enough to keep certain things a secret. It was well worth the wait and losing a tiny bit of my control. I love you Babe!

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