Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree part 1

Boy, it feels great to be back and sleeping in my own bed. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful trip to Boise; very productive and the hotel room was fantastic but there is no place like home.

I set up the Christmas tree in the master bedroom today and later this week I will show you "J's" tree. His is hodge podge and CRAZY--sorry babe but it is true, where mine is loverly and themed (ahhh..I love order). My tree is fake but I enjoy the ambiance more than I do the scent so I am good with it. I have had this fake tree for almost 8 years now (maybe 9; I can't's been so long). For years I always did red and gold; it was beautiful but the last two years I have decided to switch it up. This year I went with red, green and white as previously mentioned.

Here is the tree after I finally got the lights on it...

Everything but the tree, the lights and the sprigs of berries I found at the Dollar Tree. I didn't want to do the same as last year and I knew I didn't want to purchase new decorations at full price since I already had an idea for next year's tree so the Dollar Tree was the solution.

Oh a couple are kind of blurry, sorry. I bought 4 tubes of the red and green balls; half were matte with painted snowflakes and the other half were glittered. I then purchased one box of white "curly" ornaments (set of 4). I also found the ribbon at the Dollar Tree. All I did with it was cut sections off (however long or short you want) and just tucked both ends into the "center" of the tree to hide them and to give it the apprearance that I wrapped the tree with the ribbon.

I wasn't sure about these green glittery 3-D snowflakes so I only bought one package (set of 2) but I like them so I will be heading back there tomorrow to find some more.

I also bought these snowflakes and used 2 of them for a different project...

I just kept stuffing ornaments and sprigs of berries until I got my desired look. To top the tree I found this pre-made bow with a cute little bell at the end. It's the perfect topper for my tree this year.

I don't have a tree skirt and I may attempt to make one some day (maybe) so this year I used a tablecloth that is too small for our table. I bought it years ago to fit a smaller table I had but it will suffice for now.

Here it is with the lights out...
I will be back later this week with a new Christmas project. I found it in a magazine this week when I was flying. I'm excited to show you but for now I am going to go enjoy my tree and have a glass of Ho Cho.

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  1. I Love it, it looks so classy and nice. Cant wait to compare it to Joe's :)


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