Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, part 2

Seriously!! Seriously!! For the love of all that is good in this world; I am itchin, twitchin and breaking out with hives. This tree is something straight out of another dimension.

I love a theme; whether it be with color, a particular item or a favorite team/food/sport/car etc...this "thing" 'J' calls a Christmas tree is seriously going to give me nightmares. As discussed previously, I get a tree (the best tree EVER) and 'J' gets a tree-wah wah wah ;)

"J's" tree is always a real one, it is always in the living area and it is ALWAYS covered in a variety of items. First we covered the tree with colored lights and then we started adding decorations.
At first I tried to position the god awful looking items in some sort of fashion but it really wasn't going to help (who am I trying to kid), so I then just randomly placed items where ever. Here is a picture of the whole tree and then to follow will be pictures of certain essential decorations.

So he has the typical colored bulbs; red, blue, silver, green, gold and purple but then he adds other items like the skunk

and then the firetruck, the tractor, the bowling pin and an elephant...

Folks, this is why I will be screaming in terror tonight; this tree is something else. Here are some more photos for your amusement.

Why yes, that is a giant squid attacking a Christmas bulb; your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

Oh and the cherry on top, well it's not typical either (why would it be)...

Yep...it's a moose. on. iceskates. But seriously people, I joke and rough "J" up but it's actually sweet the way he wants his tree--I love you Babe! It is very unconventional and he loves everything random, odd and interesting and that makes me love him even more. And besides he does great work everywhere else; check out the lights outside.

He lined our entire picket fence (trust me when I say it took 7 boxes-45ft each to complete) and also put white lights (my FAV!) on a maple tree (picture didn't turn out-Sorry).

This is the arbor he built for us to stand under at our wedding ceremony. He later moved it to outline the fence and walkway in the front yard. Every time we walk under it to get to our house it makes us both reflect on that day and smile. We are very blessed!!!


  1. The lights outside looks so great! I do love Joe's tree, too. And trust me, one day when you have kids, you are going to need that tree to put all the crazy, beautiful, fun kids ornaments on - they will fit right in. Can't wait to see all of this stuff live and in person!

  2. I see the tree thing must run in the family...Jim does the same thing, just not as crazy. However, the lights outside do not run in the family...I had to do ours by myself last year and cannot get jim to help at all.


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