Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little Christmas cheer

Thanksgiving is over and well quite frankly I am still stuffed. I took advantage of the holiday season and threw caution to the wind and ate all that I could. Next week I will pick myself up, dust myself off and start back on my weight loss journey.

Now for a little Christmas cheer...

I pulled out all of our Christmas decor and soon realized that we need a lot more in order to decorate our new house the way I want. I figured for now I would start putting some items out and hopefully by Christmas the entire house will look like my vision.

First I decided to hang my wreaths. One I made and one my mom made and I can't get enough of them. I think I might make a few more this year and who knows maybe give some as gifts to others.

This one is on our front door...

And this one is on our pantry door...

I had decided that I would decorate in theme this year and when I started pulling out all my treasures I realized that I have a crazy love for Frosty, you know the Snowman. I am not sure what that is all about but he is so lovable that I couldn't leave him in the box. I figured I would decorate my table scape and one of my trees with red, white and green but the rest of the house would be a good mixture of holiday items. Here are some items around our house. The task is not complete and there is still plenty to do, including finishing up the lights outside.

This is above our DVD case, the snowman lights up with fiber optics, sings a Christmas song and the little ice skaters inside skate around the rink. I just placed white Christmas balls around the items that were located there, put up one of my Christmas signs I showed you earlier and pulled out the frosted candles; super easy.

Here is a sign one of my good friends gave me. She also gave me a ton of snowmen too! Isn't it the cutest thing! It is located by the front door to direct traffic to either Santa's Garden or Snowflake Park.

I took the lovely glass vases from the Fall table scape and put the left over Spanish moss inside. The big vase I put more white Christmas bulbs in it and stuck it in the back on our kitchen counter.

Then I added green "pine" scented candles to the other two vases and some garland behind to pull it together. It still needed something...

So I decided to put our small Christmas tree in front of the vases. I put red bows from my tree last year and voila!

This is a black bird cage that we used to hold our cards at our wedding. I stuffed it with white tissue paper, some red Christmas bulbs and my candy cane candle....

Now for the isn't complete yet but it will be soon. Like I said before, decorating for Christmas is a process for me. I have this gigantic tea cup that I used for the centerpiece. Last year it had real poinsettia's in it but this year I decided to do fake. I put a piece of my floral foam into the teacup and started stuffing in poinsettia stems until I reached my desired look.

I got these wine glasses at the Dollar Store; I love the green hue and it will work perfectly with my table scape.

Here is a picture of the whole table (before I found the green wine glasses)...

I found fake snow today that I plan to fill the glass jars with, maybe some glitter confetti also, I need some green and red tissue paper, some green cloth napkins for the cute red napkin rings (they look like Christmas bulbs) and lots and lots of garland and lights.

I will be in Boise, ID all week but shortly after I get back I will show you how I decorate our tree for the master bedroom. I will also show you some more holiday decor (I even have some in the bathrooms).

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