Monday, November 23, 2009

Advent Calendar

One of my wonderful SIL's (sister in-law) sent me a link for a free advent calendar. I have never had one but always desperately longed for one. There are several floating around blogland that I would just. die. to. have, I mean they are GORGEOUS but I don't have the time this year to pull one off before Dec 1st. This one you can download and print yourself, could it get any easier? I think this will be the way to go this year and then maybe I will attempt a far more extravagant and beautiful version next year.

Here is the link...

If you are feeling more adventurous and brave then check out these great ideas...

Both of these were found at Martha Stewart.

If you can sew, I cannot-Dang it!, try this one from Better Homes and Gardens. It would be cute on a pantry door, hanging next to the mantle on the fireplace (Oh how I wish I had a fireplace and mantle, someday my dreams will come true), on the back of a chair; there are many options.

In related news (sorta), I have officially pulled out all of the Christmas decorations (well all that I could see or remember having) and the boxes are sitting in the living room awaiting patiently for me to open them and pull out the treasures. Decorating for Christmas is a process for me but I enjoy every minute. I will arrange, then rearrange and maybe even rearrange the items again to find their perfect home for the season. I cannot wait to show you the finished product. Later this week I will showcase some more Christmas/Holiday items; until then enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones and try not to eat so much you are forced into a comatose state. :)

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