Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's just hair, it will grow back; right?!?!

Okay so I decided to finally get my hair cut. It's been months since my cut and no trims in between. I was starting to look a little scraggily, okay maybe a lot scraggily. I took the plunge, with a new person--GASP!! Say it isn't so, Cass! Well I have been trying for weeks to get into see my regular gal and haven't been sucessful so I decided to try someone new. I went in, I stated exactly what I wanted. I wanted maybe a bob, maybe a-line and I definitely wanted it stacked in the back to create volume. Well when I came out from under the blowdryer it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I have a "bowl cut". It's entirely too one dimensional and I have the shortest side swept bangs EVER! It is not pretty; I'm a hot mess! I've decided to make peace with it and grow it out and then maybe, just maybe be brave enough to try the whole thing over again. Thanks for letting me vent; I feel much better now!

So I promised another Christmas craft, a super-duper easy peasy one but first...look what I woke up to!

Isn't it beautiful?!?! Snow in the early morning when everything is still quiet and people are still in their beds is most magical.

It was snowing sideways; you can't see it in the pictures but it was a flurry of fun. It's an omen to start taking out my Christmas decorations and get to decorating. Anyway, here is the craft I promised. I found these wonderfully glittered words at Michael's for only .79 cents each. I bought 4; 2 of the FA LA LA and 2 of the HO HO HO.

I took some old ribbon wrapped wire, you can use anything you would like, and hot glued it to the back of the words to create a "hanger". I was done in 3 minutes flat. I told you it was easy! You can hang these babies just about anywhere.

You can hang them on the cabinets in the kitchen...

You can hang them on the pantry door...

You can hang it from the cookie jar...

Really the options are endless.

How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you follow themes; maybe one for each room or one total for the whole house? Is your tree the only item that is themed or maybe the tablescape? Me, you ask? Well I try to decorate in theme for sure. This year I am going for the classic red, green and white. I have a lot to do so I better get to pulling out my boxes, my garland and maybe one of the trees. Yes, we have 3 total. I will show you more later but until then enjoy the snow while it lasts because I think it might become an ooey, gooey, slushy, puddly mess soon.

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