Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Completed Hutch

This beautiful piece of art has been sitting empty in my dining room since Christmas! Can you believe it?!?! Don't answer that....


The Hubs stained it my favorite color (of course)-isn't he the best! And has been (I think) making hints at getting this integrated into our house/life by putting a couple pieces of glassware in it. He was too subtle; I need a major knock to the head and a big neon, flashing sign with arrows. Seriously it took him saying "Cass, are you planning on keeping those glass containers". I was like what containers and a funny thing happened...I looked up and actually took notice that at least a month ago he put my decorative martini glasses in our cabinet. Wow, buy a girl a clue!

So I emptied my "fancy" glasses from another cabinet and arranged them into the hutch for safe keeping. What a shame that I had let a gorgeous piece of furniture sit completely empty for so long. I exerted less energy to put my glassware into the cabinet then I did to paint that silly canvas on Sunday. Can you tell I am still fuming a little over that. Anyway I digress, sorry.


This piece, I am sure of it, will change constantly. I will update it with new decor items, maybe even decorate for specific holidays and I know I want to put some beady garland at the top by our family name sign. What do you think? Isn't she loverly!

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