Thursday, February 25, 2010

Neutral Ground

I have for the longest time been considering painting my home office/craft room in progress a yellow tone. I love the color yellow; reminds me of sunshine and the new birth of spring. I instantly gravitate toward it, like a moth to a flame; hence the reason our wedding had accents of yellow. It's a happy color, no?

Anyway, I haven't painted yet for fear that once I do then I will change my mind (I do so ALOT) and have to start the whole painting process over again. Have I mentioned I despise painting; I have? About 100 times? Well ok...moving right along.

So the other day I received an email from Better Homes and Gardens and it was all about neutrals. Neutral paint, neutral accents, neutral bedding get the point. I couldn't help but shout at the computer "They are crazy; beige is boring". Maybe it was all those years living in a "sterile white" apartment but I NEED no I CRAVE color. Then I took a step back and opened my mind; not all "neutrals" are beige-what! get the heck out of town! Maybe it's their pictures that drew me in closer or maybe I was truly seeing neutrals for what they really are; a terrific back drop for ANYTHING! Here are some of the pictures that caught my eye...

Gray walls with the orange accents is GORGEOUS!

And I love this combo so much. The gray with pink; I'm such a girly-girl! (squeal)

Ohhh patterned walls and look! it even has my yellow

I decided to take to the world wide web in search of more answers and some inspiration. First stop, Veranda. If you have never seen one of their magazines you are seriously missing out. It's absolutely gorgeous and high glossy pages; I just get giddy when my hands reach out and grab it. This picture spoke to me because while this is my "office/craft room" I would also like a daybed in the case that guests come to stay.

Is it possible that neutrals look better with lots of light?

Country Living

Or maybe it's all about the metallic accents that make a neutral room "pop"?

Fine Living

Or could it be one bold statement piece?

House Beautiful

I decided to keep looking and who better to turn to then Martha Stewart! Help a sister out, Martha!

I love the gray and brown tones in this picture or do I love the organization the best and not necessarily the colors.
There it is again, the gray with pops of orange but I am still not convinced on neutrals until I see this...
Oh Martha! This is exquisite! Browns, khaki, white accents and the pink/fushia accents as well. This may be the look folks. Or maybe something in between this picture and the one above from BHG (gray with pink) or maybe stick with yellow but in accents and add in the gray color (like above) or...or...or...

See what I mean, I have such a difficult time making decisions. So many different elements and colors appeal to me and I think I am petrified to make the wrong choice but is there ever really a wrong choice when you follow your heart? Can a girl who is in love with just about everything she sees make a "bad" choice? This chick's head is swimming with possibilities and the excitement over neutrals. Yes, I said it....I'm starting to think that neutral is anything but boring!


  1. I like the yellow one at the top best! Of course, I love color, too. I do appreciate how you can fluff up the neutrals - but your office should be YOUR space, cozy and you. Go for it!

  2. The good thing about paint is that it can always be painted OVER! Use the colors you love; look in your closet and see what you wear, that is often a good clue as to what colors make you feel good! Don't copy anyone, including Martha!

    When we bought our old house 2 years ago, I had to make the decision on colors for all ten rooms in ONE DAY. Oy. Talk about panic. I stretched the painter to giving me two days while his crew did the plaster repair and priming, but still -- it was traumatic.

    But if you are ready to choose, get a couple of $3 samples at the paint store, and either be brave and paint patches right on your walls or paint some big cardboard or plywood, and move them around to see the colors in all lights and times of day.
    Yikes, this is too long a comment!
    Have a lovely Thursday!


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