Sunday, February 7, 2010

Van Gogh...more like Van (dont)Gogh there

I have been itching to do something crafty, I mean really creative. I'm talking something big, something that requires a lot of focus and something where the end result will blow people away but I think I have lost my mojo. Does that happen to anyone else? I sure hope I am not the only one.

At any rate, I've decided to dabble in painting while I search for my mojo. Now I must disclose that I am NOT an artist by any stretch of the imagination. I believe I have even shared with you my distain for painting walls so why on earth would I want to "dabble" in painting canvas is beyond me but I do nonetheless. A woman's mind is a complex thing that's for sure. Besides what if it turns out to be the next biggest thing and I the next Van Gogh...ha ha ha, big dreams!

I already had a 2-pack of canvas from Michaels that was intended for another project but I never got around to it. Next was purchasing brushes. I went to Michaels yet again ( I think it may be my 2nd home; I'm there enough) but since I am not an artist and don't intend on becoming one I didn't feel the need to buy a ton of "good" brushes. I happened across a package of 8 (oh yah, 8) different brushes for only .99 cents. I know what you are thinking....don't do it, they are cheap and something must be terribly wrong with them!! I know this because there was a little voice in my head screaming the same thing as I reached out to grab the package; I shhh'd her up quickly and proceeded with my purchase.

So I am no dummy; I'm not going to make my first attempt at painting be of an object or landscape. It's going to be more of an abstract or contemporary type thing-y (oh yah, I just used the word thing-y, what am I like 5 yrs old now). Last week I received the new Ballard Designs catalog (love it!); it's kind of like Pier 1 and Pottery Barn and I found this print but I wasn't going to pay the $249.00 price tag attached to it.

First I painted the entire canvas a mixture of cream; I only had a few select colors at home and wanted to use most of what I had on hand. Then I thought I needed a starting point for each "cluster" and painted a brown line; this was the first mistake. Then I took a circular sponge brush and made red circles for the clusters. The Hubs says it isn't too bad but I hate it! I felt like a 5 year old in art class. I was really hoping that by attempting this project I would realize a secret talent but this secret needs to stay hidden-FOREVER! I know what you are thinking-show us the painting already! I suppose if I must I will but please note that I promise never to dabble again in painting. UGH, here goes.... {head hung in shame}

I'm going to forget about this project and plop my behind on the couch with a pint of ice cream and get ready for Super Bowl. GO SAINTS!!!

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